Friday, January 6, 2012

New Item at Teacher's Notebook!

I've been working on making some word ladders for my students to do during Daily 5-word work.  I've finally finished enough to make it a package!  I have posted my same vowel word families word ladder package on my Teacher's Notebook store.  This is designed for spelling and vocabulary growth for my letter name stage spellers.  I'm working on some more for my within word spellers.  

Here is a little preview:  

Hope everyone had a great Friday!  I was stuck in a technology meeting all day.  Believe it or not, I would've much rather been at school!  On the plus side, I got out a little early and was able to go over to Half Price Books.  I've been borrowing a friend's Harry Potter books and I just finished The Goblet of Fire.  I have become addicted and decided I needed my own copies!  I got all seven books in hard back and five other books on my Good Reads list for $60!  I felt like I got a steal!  Is anyone else obsessed with Good Reads like I am?  I've got 34 books on my To-Read shelf!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I love Goodreads!! I don't know how I would remember the books I want to read without it! :)

    Marvelous Multiagers!