Monday, April 30, 2012

Promoting Summer Reading

It's no secret that students lose so much of what they've learned throughout the school year over the summer.  I am always looking for new ways to prevent the "summer slide."  Last night on #titletalk on Twitter, which I posted about yesterday, I got some great ideas that I would like to implement this summer to keep my students moving forward.  

I have Edmodo accounts set up for all of my students.  We use it regularly to talk about books we are reading.  Here are some ideas for using Edmodo to promote summer reading:  

  • One thing I was planning on doing prior to #titletalk chat is to keep all students active on Edmodo and keep in contact about books we are reading.  I think it would be a neat way to stay in touch.  I have a student who moved a few months ago, and she still checks in regularly to tell us how she's doing and books she is reading.  
  • Another idea for using Edmodo is to have an online book club.  We will plan to meet every week and post ideas about a common book we are reading.  I even thought if I had parent permission slips for students to participate in the online book club that I could try to get copies of the particular book donated by a local bookstore.  I was thinking about a fun read, perhaps Babymouse.  It was all the talk on Twitter last night, and I don't think I've ever seen any of my students reading it.
  • As a way to keep students interested in reading, and logged into Edmodo, I also thought it would be fun to take and upload pictures of ourselves reading in our favorite summer reading spot.  

Other fun ideas to try:  

  • Give each student a stamped postcard addressed to you.  Tell them to write you a short note about the book (or books!) they are reading.  

  • Promote your local library!  Choose two dates (or more!) you will be at the library.  Help your students choose books, sign up for the summer reading program, discuss the books you've read.  Encourage them to come-order pizza!

  • I thought this was a great idea, and wish it were feasible at my school. Some people mentioned they keep their school library open a few days a week throughout the summer.  Students are free to come in and check out books.  I work in a neighborhood school, where most students live within walking distance.  I would totally be willing to come in once a week and man the library if I knew it would keep kids reading!  
Please feel free to add to my list!  Leave a comment about what you are doing to promote summer reading.  I would love to feature your ideas in an upcoming post!


  1. Hey Rachel,
    These are great ideas! I want to do something to promote summer reading too! Do you know anything about kidblog???? One of the teachers at my school said she is doing that because she saw something about it on The Book Whisperers blog???? Does Edmodo work the same way????

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. I love your idea of using Edmodo to promote summer reading! I will be doing just that this summer. My students love Edmodo and are currently using it during their book clubs to take quizzes and post questions. We are reading James and the Giant Peach and Because of Winn Dixie.

  3. Hi Tara!
    I've never used Kidblog before. Donalyn Miller did write about Kidblog on one of her blog posts recently. I equate Edmodo to Facebook. It's just TONS more secure and you monitor everything the kids do. They can only connect with each other. They can also send messages to me. I've used it for two years, and my students always love it!