Friday, June 28, 2013

Five for Friday

What better way to get back into the bloggin' thing than to link up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday?!

This is my little astronomer checking out the Supermoon this week.  We got him this telescope for his birthday last year.  He loves looking at the moon-even when it's not super!

This is my baby at Vacation Bible School.  Each night, at the end of VBS, they had a little song and dance for the kids to do.  Each night, my little one didn't want to do it.  He has this thing against singing and dancing.  My husband blames me since that's what I love to do, and he things I overdid it when I was pregnant with him!  Anyways, on the last night, my little guy decided to sing and dance!  My mom and I couldn't believe it!  

This is the professional book I have been reading-Notice and Note by Kyleen Beers and Bob Probst.  After I was about one chapter into it, I text-messaged my friend & colleague and told her if she reads only one professional book this summer, Notice and Note should be it.  I highly recommend it.

My Disney photopass pictures came yesterday!  When you visit Disney, their professional photographers will take your picture for free!  Get a photopass and add all your pictures throughout your trip.  The photographers will take pictures with your own camera as well.  We always buy the photopass CD, though, because the pictures are so much better!  And you can add cute enhancements, like the little phrase in the picture above.  This was our first trip to Disneyland, after visiting Disney World several times.  We loved it, though, and plan to go back!  You just can't beat the southern California weather in the summertime!  

We went to see Monsters University tonight!  This is my son with his "girlfriend."  It was a triple date.  
They've known each other since they were infants.  Her mommy and I work together and they go to the same sitter.  As we were walking into the theatre, he grabbed her hand.  Of course, we had had to snap a picture!  Monsters was super-cute!  As you can probably tell from above, we are huge Disney fans, but we are even bigger Pixar fans.  I have to say, this movie might be one of my favorites.  It was so funny!  You do not need to have a kid or be a kid to enjoy this movie!  

Thanks for reading!  Make sure you go check out Doodle Bugs for all the other Five for Friday posts!  

Side note-I want to thank those of you who commented on my post yesterday.  It was so nice to read all your supportive comments!  

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