Friday, April 22, 2011

Discipline Anyone?

Since I was off work today and didn't have to deal with any discipline problems, I thought I would blog about it!  Twisted?  Maybe.  

I teach two sections of Reading, Language Arts, and Social Studies.  My co-teacher teaches two sections of Spelling, Math, and Science.  No matter what grade I am teaching, my students have always switched classes with another teacher.  We decided two years ago that we needed a universal discipline plan to keep things consistent.  We came up with a checklist.  For misbehaviors, students receive checkmarks in different categories, depending on the infraction.  

You can see a copy of our discipline plan here.

As you can see at the bottom is our list of consequences.  One checkmark (or 'check' as we call it) serves as a warning.  Normally, by the time the child has received the check, they have already had several verbal warnings, though.  For most students, the one check is enough to make them to choose to modify their behavior.  As the number of checks increase, so do the consequences.  You will also see a section for notes at the bottom.  This is especially useful when someone gives a check for inappropriate behavior or disrespect.  It also makes for a more detailed office or quiet room referral, if needed.  

Students receive rewards related to the checklist as well.  At the end of each day when I'm stamping agenda books, I give everyone who did not receive a check gets a one point sticker.  At the end of the week, any student receiving zero checks for the week gets a five point sticker.  Stickers can be used to "buy" rewards.  I am very much a believer in rewarding positive behavior.  How many of us were one of those kids who always did what was right, and the teacher's attention was always focused on the "bad" kids?  I don't want to be like that.  I appreciate those kids who always do the right thing, and I want to show them that.  I will definitely blog more about my increasing positive behavior efforts later.  

The beauty of using this checklist is that it travels with the class no matter where they go in the school.  Not only does it go with them to the other teacher's room, but it goes with them to Fine Arts, the Library, the Cafeteria if needed, etc.  

Wow.  Writing about discipline is a lot easier than actually dealing with it!  I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend!


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  3. I love how direct and to the point your plan is.
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