Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Letters for Success

Our School Literacy Consultant, who is someone I seriously admire, suggested last week that we as a school write letters to our third, fourth, and fifth graders telling them good luck on the Ohio Achievement Assessments.  

Our Spring Break was scheduled at the most inconvenient time this year.  We vote on our schedule a few years in advance.  We don't know the testing window when we vote.  When the two week testing window opens, we will be on Spring Break.  Therefore, our students have to take the OAA the week return from break.  I don't even think inconvenient is the appropriate word for it.  

So, taking our SLC's advice, all the teachers in our school have decided to "divide and conquer" our list of 240 third, fourth, and fifth graders and write letters to mail to them over break.  I hope the letters will put a smile on my students' faces, give them the confidence to do well, and serve as a gentle reminder that they will be welcomed back by this looming test.  


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