Monday, April 25, 2011

One thing I've Learned...

One thing I have learned since starting this blog is I HAVE GOT to take more pictures!  I am a fairly new mom, so I take plenty of pictures of my beautiful little boy, but I don't take any of the fabulous projects we do at school.  This occurred to me when posting about the volunteer appreciation event I hosted last year.  A perfect supplement to that blog post would have been a picture of those awesome (if I do say so myself!) favors.  

So if any of you (my three followers!) notice I don't take pictures of something that you would like to me out on it!  Please.  


  1. I'm following now! I'm a third grade teacher so it's nice to see another upper elementary blog.


  2. I am following too! I just started my blog a week or so ago and it has been a great reflection tool. Check out my blog too:

  3. Thank you both! I'm following your blogs now as well!

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