Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easy as PIE!

It is crunch time before the OAA and I am doing some review of frequently tested indicators this week.  I decided to do a mini lesson on Author's Purpose.  My favorite way to teach Author's Purpose is to teach the students that it is "Easy as PIE!"  

Get it?

I created a Smart Board lesson, complete with the "Magic Eraser" to reveal answers.  I haven't used this technique much this year and the kids loved it.  I also created a Smart Response assessment.  I'm not sure where I originally got the questions for the assessment, so unfortunately I can't give credit where credit is due.  

In celebration of starting my blog, I am going to share my Smart Board file.  You can download it here.

The Smart Response "clickers," as we call them, have been a hidden treasure in our building for two years.  They were kept in their neat little carrying case in our SLC's office just waiting to be used.  We had never received training on them, and I think a lot of the teachers were afraid to use them.  I finally decided to just wing it one day, and I immediately fell in love.  We have since received training, and I have learned how to use them anonymously just to keep the kids engaged during a lesson.  If I had it my way, I would keep the clickers in my room all the time, but I have to share.  They really are "easy as pie" to use!  

I would love to hear how you use clickers in your classroom!

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