Sunday, August 21, 2011

Getting Ready...

I have been very busy this weekend preparing for my brand new fourth graders to arrive on Monday.  My co-teacher and I went to lunch Friday to start planning.  She is an intervention specialist and we have been waiting for at least three years to be able to have a true co-teaching classroom.  We are so excited to be able to work together this year in a full inclusion classroom.  

This weekend I'm working on some preparations for our Daily 5 launch, deciding on some picture book read-alouds, and working on literacy notebook contents.  I have "borrowed" many of my ideas from Beth Newingham, at least for reading section.  My students will have the 40 book requirement, as discussed in The Book Whisperer.  They will also have a genre requirement.  My students will log the books they have read, keep a tally of the genres, and keep a log of books they would like to read.  

The literacy notebooks will also have a response section, notes section, writing section, and word study section.  These are all still in progress, but I will definitely be posting more as it is developed.  For those of you who don't know, I had a Donor's Choose project funded to create these literacy binders.  Since it was funded so close to the end of the school year last year, Donor's Choose did not ship the materials.  I have learned they will not ship the materials until next week.  This was disappointing to me, because I would've like to have started the year off developing these binders from day one.  Please do not mistake that disappointment for ungratefulness.  I am so grateful that so many complete strangers donated money to my classroom!  

What last minute plans do you have to prepare for your students to start the school year?  


  1. Have a fantastic school year! Your students are very lucky to have you. I always look forward to your blog. We started last week and it was a great start. Wishing you the same.

  2. I'm looking forward to hearing how your literacy notebooks go. I am doing something similar and borrowed some ideas from Beth Newingham myself! :)


  3. Thanks for the information! I checked out the literacy notebooks on Beth Newingham's site and plan to implement a similar notebook in my class. I'm also considering using the Daily Five, which is completely new to me. Have a great first day with your students!

  4. I just purchased and downloaded your cafe posters and sports bulletin board set! Very, very cute and I'm so glad I don't have to make my own stuff. My classroom theme is sports, also, so I'm especially grateful! By the way, I left feedback on the site. :)