Sunday, August 14, 2011

PD & ProgressBook

Sorry I've been MIA lately.  Like most of us, I've been very busy preparing to go back to school.  The teacher's official first day back is Tuesday. We have four days of PD before school starts on Monday.  As the new Technology Coordinator in our building, I am in charge of the PD for our staff regarding our new ProgressBook program.  Yes, prior to this school year, we have all been handwriting our interims and report cards!  A few of my colleagues and I have been using digital grade books on our own, but we have done nothing school-wide.  Our entire district has moved to ProgressBook starting this year.  I've been very busy creating an agenda and watching tutorial videos.  Since I am new to the Tech position, I never actually received ProgressBook training.  I am learning just a few days ahead of everyone else!  I am pretty tech-saavy, and I feel comfortable using and teaching about the system, but if anyone uses ProgressBook and would like to offer me any tips, tricks, or hints, I would gladly welcome them!  


Also, attaching a freebie for anyone else who might have use for a "Tech" binder.  
(Click here for the freebie!)


  1. We use a different program (I can't remember the name) to do report cards online but only our upper grades do them! I will be right there learning the new program, just like you and your teachers!

  2. We have used Progress Book for the last 2 years for attendance, grades, report cards, and interims. I was part of the 3 person training team for my school. It is super easy to use you just have to play with it to get familiar with it.

  3. Thanks Rachel! I am the Technology Liaison at my school too. :)

  4. We have a system called NC Wise (which is obviously something North Carolina created) but it sounds like something you will be using. We put our grades in there, also do attendance and report cards and such. It can also be used to submit lunch count and other stuff. It's easy to use, once you play and learn. Its just some teachers would rather whine and complain about not being able to use it instead of playing and learning :-)

  5. We use a program called INOW in Alabama-attendance, grades, some schools do lesson plans in it. Thanks for the Tech Binder cover-I think I'll make me one to keep information in for the things I want to show and teach my 6th graders! :) Thanks!