Saturday, June 25, 2011

Barnes and Noble Awesomeness!

I visited my local Barnes & Noble last night to pick up a copy of The Book Whisperer.  I had it on reserve at the library forever and someone must really be enjoying the book because it has not come available yet.  

Did you know B&N has a "Pick up In Store" option?  If you check their website, you can see if your local store has the book that you want, and if they have it in stock, they will have the book waiting for you at the register within 60 minutes.  Hello, timesaver!  

Of course, I chose this option, thinking I would run in and run out, but I had to take the toddler exploring.  No problems here, though, I love the children's section!  I loved seeing him looking at the books and recognizing the ones we read at night "Choo Choo" (The Little Engine that Could) and "Night Night Dino" (How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?)  He then picked out a dinosaur pop up book that we had to take home with could I resist his little "Iwantit"  Yes, that's how he says it.  All one word.  So cute.  

With the Dino pop-up book in hand, we headed to the registers.  Sure enough, they had my book up there waiting for me.  The cashier then asks me if my son is part of the Kid's Club.  Um...what Kid's Club?  Why didn't I know about a Kid's Club?!  Her first words:  "It's free."  Always nice.  You also get a $5 reward for every $100 you spend.  That's not difficult.  A free cupcake on the kid's birthday.  Maybe he will share with Mama.  And, more coupons in the monthly newsletter.  Who doesn't love coupons?  Especially those for books?!  Of course, we signed up.  The Kid's Club goes up to age 12, so you can encourage your students to join as well!


  1. Too fun!! I love bookstores!! The only one we have around me is Books a Million:( Would love to have a B and N here!! And to make matters worse, our Books a Million "remodeled" and, are you ready for this???? Got rid of the coffee shop!!!! Seriously, who doesn't love coffee while book browsing? Anywho, I'm rambling, sorry:) I'm a follower:)Come visit me;)

  2. I've been in Books a Million in Florida before. I wasn't too impressed, especially now that I know they got rid of the coffee shop! Our B&N's here have Starbucks! That's where the free cupcake for the kids on their birthday comes from! :) I follow your blog now, thanks for the comment!

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