Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nice Surprise

We had our Student of the Month assembly today to honor our April & May students of the month.  This is a school wide assembly we do every month.  The kids get trophies and it's always a fun celebration.  It's also our chance to recognize those students who don't necessarily have the best grades, but display positive behaviors.  My April student of the month is a young lady whom I absolutely adore.  I had her older sister the last two years (in 4th & 5th grade) and I begged to have her in my classroom this year.  She's one of those kids who you know is going places.  She is the most bright, bubbly, girl and exudes confidence.  She doesn't care about what anyone else says or does.  It's very refreshing.  After reading my little message about her and why she was chosen for student of the month, she tells me, "Mrs. Owens, no I have something to say to you."  She proceeds to pull out a notebook paper and reads me the sweetest letter about how I helped her so much this year, and she will always remember how I helped her succeed.  It was the nicest surprise, and brought tears to my eyes.  What a sweet, sweet girl. 

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