Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Random Thought...

I've learned recently about myself that if there is a book in the house that I am interested in, I would much rather read that book than watch TV. You would have to know me personally to know how big of a deal that is: watching TV is my biggest vice.
The question arises then, how do we get our students to that point? I'm hoping The Book Whisperer has some answers!


  1. I agree!! I'm looking forward to reading it and praying it will help me to share my passion for reading with my students. We have a tough job ahead of us with TV and video sad:( But I never give up hope or trying:)

  2. I've read it, and I think you are both going to be very, very happy!!!!!

  3. It's a great book. I think we all want to inspire that spark in our students!

    First Grade is Fantabulous!