Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Door Decorations-Linky Party!

I've always wanted to be creative.  I try to be creative.  I am just not creative!  For these reasons, I hate bulletin boards and craft projects.  They just never turn out as cute as I want them to be.  That is the Virgo perfectionist in me.  Although I do love scrapbooking, it has gotten even better that I can do them on the computer (less room for human error!).  

That being said, I am going to join the door decoration linky party at  

The reason for this being, I am so proud of the door decoration we did for Right to Read week last year.  We had local illustrators, Jeannette and Christopher Canyon visit our school.  Jeannette Canyon has illustrated beautiful books such as Over in the Jungle 
   61QjCZTgC1L.jpg   Overfinalcover-330.jpg 
and Over in the Ocean In a Coral Reef.  Her husband, Christopher Canyon, has adapted illustrated books to many John Denver song lyrics, such as Take Me Home Country Roads and Sunshine on my Shoulders
 PAAAIADHEGABDOCP.jpg  sunshine-on-my-shoulders.jpg

It was actually a door decorating contest.  The winning classroom received a $25 gift certificate to Half Price Books.  That was enough for me to get involved!  We had to decorate a door inspired by any one of the books of our illustrators.  My class chose Over in the Jungle.  I covered the door, did the letters and made the tree, but my students did everything else.  I think that is why I loved it so much.  They really took the time to study the illustrations and the rainforest animals in the book and tried to replicate them.  I especially loved the sloths hanging on the vine reading a book.  We didn't win the contest, but I personally felt we had one of the best doors!  

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