Monday, May 16, 2011

Dollar Tree Finds!

Admit it.  You love Dollar Tree.  Every teacher does.  
I went today in search of these storage containers for my son's bookshelf.  
I couldn't stand the books falling over anymore, so the teacher in me needed to sort them by genre and series.  I had purchased three of the green polka dot containers before, but that wasn't enough for all the books a teacher's son owns.  I couldn't find the polka dots, so I settled for a solid green.  They don't really match, but I'll deal. For now.   

I also found bingo daubers.  I have never seen them at either one of my Dollar Trees before, so I was super excited about this!  I picked up about 15 for my word work station next year.  See post below on why 15 is probably necessary.  

I also picked up some word strips, useful for a word wall, or in my case my CAFE menu for next year.  
Lastly, I picked up some more clipboards.  The Dollar Tree ones are definitely not as cute as the clipboards that can be picked up in Target's one spot as of late, but they seem sturdier.  After today's purchase, I will finally have a class set!  

They had a ton of other stuff that I could have purchased but decided against:  Honor Roll & Good Student certificates, silver and gold bulletin board border, cute homework passes, etc.  Happy Shopping!


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