Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Things I've Learned

The school year is coming to a close and Life in Special Education is having a "Live & Learn" Linky Party!  I thought I would join in, not only because it is so important to reflect, but because I've been really lacking in my blog posts as of late!  

So, here goes...
Things I've Learned

1.  You can teach two different classes the same exact thing and average assessment results can vary plus or minus 30%.  True story, and my #1 reason against merit-based pay.  

2.  Reading is not learning how to take a test.  My students leave my classroom with reading skills from authentic texts, not just short practice tests.  My primary goal is to create lifelong readers.  

3.  Kids come from all walks of life and have experiences no young child or adult should ever have.  It is important to be understanding with those students and pay them even more attention than you normally would.  

4.  Watch how your students interact with their parents and vice versa.  It will explain A LOT.  

5.  Having a friendly relationship with your co-workers helps you to get through the day.  So does a Friday happy hour.  


  1. Your #4 is SOOO true!

    Amy (aka Science Stuff)