Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Get the most out of your Scholastic orders!

Who doesn't love Scholastic Books?  They have thousands of books for very reasonable prices.  And, now, with online ordering for teachers and parents, it is so easy!  Here are some tips to help you increase your orders and earn free stuff for your classroom.  

First, I started sending home a letter along with my catalogs.  As many intermediate teachers know, when you give something to a kid, they stuff it in their desk or book bag and it enters that black hole of things never to be seen again.  The letter makes it more official.  And usually, if something is dressed "Dear Parents"  the students do take it home.  Unless, of course it's a discipline referral!  In the letter, I always put the date the order is due and the directions for online ordering.  Sometimes, I highlight specific titles that may interest the students.  You can download my latest letter here.  

Second, I pass out the catalogs about 10 minutes before it's time to pack up and I let the students browse.  Giving them this time to shop makes them more likely show mom and dad the catalog.  Kids are smart, and lots of times they'll even take the catalog straight to Grandma.  

Third, during the holidays, I offer to collect orders in secret.  Again, online ordering makes it super-easy, but I will also hold onto the books for the parents to stop by and pick up before or after school.  Scholastic even has things that I call "junk," but do make great stocking stuffers.  

Last, whenever possible, have the due date near a payday.  

I also place orders with my classroom orders.  I buy books for my own child, my niece and nephew, and for prizes.  Why go to the dollar store and buy silly prizes when you can buy $1 books AND receive bonus points to use later?  

I hope you find these tips helpful!

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