Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Test Day-It's Here!

It is a cold, rainy, dreary day in Columbus, Ohio.  I know May only comes around once a year, but I'm pretty sure we're supposed to see the sun and feel it's warmth.  It's one of those days when you just want to stay in your bed underneath the covers and watch all your favorite shows saved on your TiVo.  

But, we can't.  It's Test Day.  As I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning, I was thinking about my students.  I was sincerely hoping the weather was not going to affect their mood.  Especially for the kids at my school, but I'm guessing like many kids, if one thing goes wrong for them in the morning, it can ruin their whole day.  

The class and I talked yesterday about the importance of getting a good night's rest and eating a good breakfast.  A teacher across the hall suggested her fifth graders take a shower in the morning because it can revitalize you and make you feel good about yourself.  As I'm in the midst of the chaos of arriving to school later than normal (..you know, that whole staying in bed under the covers thing), signing that ever-so-lovely paper saying you're not going to help your students cheat, getting the test booklets and snacks ready, moving desks, and sharpening pencils, I'm hearing whispers.  

"I ate pancakes and sausage and eggs this morning!"

"I took a shower this morning...it really does make you feel good!"  (I literally laughed out loud at this one.  What a novel idea fifth graders...)

"I went to bed at eight o'clock last night."  (whispers from another student)  "Yeah, my mom made me."  

It was quite amusing hearing all of these things in the hallway before school started, and it definitely made my morning feel not quite as hectic.  Why was I all worked up?  I'm not the one taking this test.  They are.  And they're fine.  

The bell rings, and here comes the quiet line of test-takers down the hallway.  The third, fourth, and fifth grade teachers stand outside their door and clap for them, chanting "Do your best on the test!"  The students transformed into rock stars.  Their faces lit up, they were high-fiving the teachers, and they were confident.  At that point, the weather outside was all but forgotten.  

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