Friday, May 13, 2011

Music in the Classroom

Do you let the kids listen to music in your intermediate classroom?  

My students love to have music on, but they get tired of the same stuff.  I have an Ohio State Marching Band CD that I play a lot in the Fall, I also have some piano jazz music, and Ocean/Nature sounds.  I also have a Christmas/Holiday CD & Halloween CD that I play during those holidays.  

I'm looking for some different music.  I played some Easy Listening on Pandora this afternoon and it was a nice change.  So...what music do you play in the classroom?


  1. I have a piano CD that I love. It's a nice clean sound to the classroom. I always play music when the students are working. It works well for them. Sometimes, when I forget to play it, they ask for it! I think it also helps me too! Especially when we are working on an independent assignment. It helps me stay focused on what I'm doing so I'm not trying to 'hunt' down every sound! I like the marching band idea. I may have to try that :)

  2. Try the CDs from Hallmark. I like the jazz choices.