Thursday, July 28, 2011

Classroom Jobs-Help!

I decided that I am going to have classroom jobs for everyone in the class.  Students will apply for their job, then keep it for 6 weeks.  Hopefully this will encourage all students to complete their jobs each day, and I don't have to remember every week to change jobs!  I need help from my bloggy friends, though.  I can only think of 26 jobs.  On the off-chance that I have a full class right from the beginning, I need 30!  You can access (& print!) my classroom job descriptions here.  If you all help me come up with four more jobs, I would greatly appreciate it, then update the classroom job description and job application and post as a freebie!  Thanks so much!


  1. I'm having jobs for all my students, too. I have a meteorologist who will check the weather in the morning & report it to the class as well as make a prediction about whether or not we will have recess outside.
    I also have a technology specialist who can help me turn on/off, plug in, etc any technology items in the classroom if I need help.
    I have a recycling chief who es sure recyclable materials are put in our recycle bin and helps remind students to recycle.
    And I have a sanitation engineer who makes sure all students have hand sanitizer before lunch or after recess.
    And a board cleaner who will erase and clean the white board every afternoon.

    Some of those may overlap with some of your jobs, but maybe they'll help! I like your list!!

    Another thing I did

  2. I am going to have a water monitor. There are always students who take a longer drink with their friends getting after them. To handle that, I am going to have a water monitor who counts to three while people get their drink.

    Ms. Jackson's in First

  3. Umm.. Here are some others I have:

    Technology Assistant - someone I train on how to help me with the technology I have

    Vet if you have any type of pet

    A calendar helper - someone who puts up the next date on the class calendar

  4. I have hall leaders that remind students to stay on the right square. I also have a germ killer that hands out the germ x when we go to the bathroom.

  5. While I don't have specific jobs for each student, I do have a "teacher's helper." Moving from second to fourth, I realized that there were a lot of jobs I could staff out, and have finally let go. I also have students that are always asking "is there anything I can do?"

    My teacher's helpers cut out laminating when it's simple and square/rectangle, take down bulletin boards, signs off walls if needed, etc. Go into my teacher's locker and bring me the large ruler, take my water bottle to the water fountain and fill it up, etc. It helps to have two or more, because one is inevitably absent.

    I also have an unofficial "teacher's assistant" that is my go to person when I'm in my math groups and I can't be bothered. These are the kids that I know have listened to directions, are aware of what's going on in the classroom, and can either say "here's how you do it" or "skip it and wait until Miss Owen is available to help."

    And I just recently found your site and love it because I'm Miss Owen and I teach 4th as well!

  6. I teach 4th as well. I love your blog and follow it regularly. I change out my jobs on the first day of each month. I only do about half the class at a time.

    I also have two tech assistants. This is a very popular job. They help take out the laptops and assist students with using programs in class.

    I usually have a classroom manager who takes over for me in case of the need for me to conference with another adult of student. They monitor the classroom behavior and administer the signal for refocusing.

    Medic is the person responsible for taking others to the health office or getting supplies from the health office.

    Secretary...answers the phone and takes notes when I am with a small group or politely interrupts when needed.

    Equipment Manager...takes care of the ball equipment.

    Hope this helps!

  7. I teach 4th also... I have tech assistants; teaching assistants; and a Photographer-Blogger. At first our Bloggers just wrote on 4 x 6 index cards and posted them on the bulletin board. Bu this year we will have the Blogger take a picture and write about our day on a blog site.
    You have a wodnerful blog. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Hi Rachel,
    I have a stick person who keeps the numbered sticks on his/her desk. There is also a can of the sticks at our meet area. Their job is to pull out a stick and call the number. Each child has a number and if his/her number is pulled, they get a turn at whatever we are doing. (SMARTboard activities, class meeting activities, games) I also have a News Reporter. His/Her job is to find a current news item and create a Powerpoint. They are excused from AM work and work on researching and creating the PowerPoint during this time. At the end of the week, they present. Some topics have been Bedbugs in New York, Gulf Oil Spill, bugs that are infesting trees in our area. I also have a meeting leader who leads our class meeting. They pick the greeting and activity unless I pick them. They begin the greeting and lead the share session. I usually give kids about 2 weeks to become a classroom community. My jobs change each year even though I have standard ones. I tell them to be thinking about what jobs our class needs and we keep a chart. I use their ideas and my tried and true ones and create the jobs. Until then, I just ask for volunteers.

    Hope this helps!!

  9. Hi Rachel
    You might be interested in this idea.


  10. I have had a class photographer for years. It comes with some rules though. They can't take pictures of kids looking at them. The cuts out on the mug shots. And, after loading the photos the photographer has to write a statement about why they took that picture. Helps with perspective and I find the kids trying to catch each other on task! At the end of the year I use these photos to choose from to make a slideshow as an end of year gift for the students.( Oh, I have a limit of 12 photos a week - so they shoot wisely :)

    I also have a class medic and news reporter (helps with weekly newsletters).

  11. What about having someone who is the greeter to the sub when you are out. If it is a planned day off you go over with him/her where everything is. This way if the sub can't find something he/she knows how to help. What might seem simple and every day to us might seem foreign to a sub.