Friday, July 22, 2011

Genre Book Bin Labels

Until this year, my classroom library was organized by AR level.  I decided at the end of last school year that I was going to organize my library by genre next year.  It only makes sense.  Students should be able to make book choices based on what they want to read-not their AR level.  I actually just found out my building will not be doing AR next year (woohoo!) because the powers that be finally realized that reading instruction is being accomplished through Daily 5 and CAFE rather than AR.  (Don't even get me started...)

To organize my classroom library, I use the dishpans from the Dollar Tree for bins.  I used to use the clear plastic shoeboxes, but they got very used and abused.  These dishpans are very large and sturdy.   

I have created genre labels for my book bins.  You can download them for here for **FREE!**  These labels are already formatted to print on Avery 8163/5263 mailing labels.  They are 2"x4".  There's no cutting or laminating involved!  I do plan to put clear packing tape over the labels on the bins just to make sure they stick.  

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Thank building still uses AR but I mostly use it to make sure my students are reading at their independent level. I totally agree that if a student makes the choice for a book, it's interesting, and at his/her level...reading will occur..regardless of points.

    Do you plan on putting stickers in the books to make sure they get in the correct bins? That seems to be the biggest problem for me when I have books in bins, tubs, crates, whatever...they never find their way back to the correct tub.

    Thanks for making your labels free.

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    Fabulous 4th Grade

  2. Thanks for sharing the labels - Love them!


  3. I've thought about putting stickers on the books, but I really don't want to do the work! I had all my books & bins labeled for AR and they never made it back into the correct bin either. I'm hoping if we do several genre lessons at the beginning of the year, my students will be more mindful about where they are returning their books.

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  4. So glad you posted this.. My first year teaching I had my library labeled by genre (I taught everything). Then for the next three years (only teaching math, science, and social studies), I made the mistake of just putting them on a bookshelf, and I don't like it :( I couldn't decide what bins would be best and the dishpans seem like a great idea! Thanks! (We also do AR at school, but I never thought to organize by points.. just didn't feel right to do that.)

    Teaching 4th

  5. Thanks, they are great! I like that they are small and already on an avery template for easy printing! Thanks again!

  6. I did that last year and within a week- all of the labels fell off (even with the tape). I am laminating them on a piece of paper and hot gluing them onto the baskets. Perhaps it is the type of basket? They are white dishpans from Dollar Tree. Just wanted to give you a warning to be on the lookout for them possibly coming off. :)

  7. I have both genre buckets & a shelf broken down by author that the students have access to. The genre buckets have labels on the outside and then on the spines of the books I took the clip art from the bins and taped them to the spine - sticky labels work great and you just place strip of tape over them so they last. Then I have the letter on the spine for the author shelves. They stayed VERY organized all year!