Sunday, July 3, 2011

Oriental Trading-Hall Passes

I bought these hall passes last year from Oriental Trading and I loved them and wanted to share them with all of you!  They hold up so well, and they are lanyards, so you don't have to worry about where they are being set down (or dropped into) in the bathroom!  I hang the restroom passes on a command hook by my door and the others stay behind my desk to use at my discretion.  They are only $8 for all six passes!  Oriental Trading also has a customer appreciation event that lasts through tomorrow, with free shipping and a $10 gift card on orders over $49. I also got myself some letter stamps (the ones I bought at Target last year did not hold up well), a personalized sign for my door that coordinates with my sports theme, and a soccer ball and basketball easter baskets-don't have a use for them yet, but I will definitely find something (only $4.25 each!).  

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  1. OooooOOOOo, I saw these in the catalog I got the other day- I planned on ordering them! :) (Among MANY other things!)