Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Target Deals!

I headed out to Target tonight on a mission.  If you haven't heard yet, Target has their 2-pack of Sharpie markers for $1.00 this week.  They also have a coupon on their website for $1.00 off Sharpie products.  What does this mean?  2-pack of Sharpie markers are FREE!  Who doesn't love free stuff?!  I printed two coupons and split them into separate transactions, so I got four Sharpie markers for FREE!  I have a couple of extra coupons in my purse just in case I'm in another Target area later this week.  Target also has a 10-pack of ball point Papermate pens for $1.02.  They also have a store coupon (again, can be printed from their website) for $1.00 off Papermate products.  That's right, I paid 2 cents for a 10-pack of pens.  I didn't know about this deal, so I didn't come prepared with another coupon.  

My Target store didn't have their Dollar Spot stocked yet with any "teacher stuff."  It's probably better that way-for my wallet at least.  They had a few pocket charts (which I already have a TON of.)  I won't lie, I almost picked one up before thinking twice!  They also had the "classic" books, which I picked up last year.  They aren't AR, so none of my kids read them.  This is probably the first time I walked out of Target without buying a single thing from the dollar spot, but I'm still super happy about the deals!  

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  1. You're a stronger lady than me... I have 8-12 pocket charts from Target in my closet at school. And I've gotten 6 more this summer to add to my collection. WHY???? :)