Thursday, July 7, 2011

Not Teaching Related, But Fun Anyways!

My sister is coming into town this weekend for her favorite nephew's birthday party, so I decided to host her a bridal shower for her local friends since she's getting married in November in Florida.  I know I'm probably not the norm, but I hate bridal shower games.  Well, any shower games for that matter.  And having been the recipient of several showers, I think they are even more uncomfortable for the guest of honor:  you are a grown woman opening up presents in front of 50 people and are expected to have a specific reaction for every single one.  Again, it's probably just me, not trying to offend all those shower-lovers out there!  But, because it's my sister and my matron-(I hate that word, too!)-of-honor duty, I had to come up with something for the 25 or so shower guests to do.  The tamed-down shower games are as follows:  Famous Couples & "Love" Songs.  

Sorry, no toilet paper wedding dresses here.  In the Famous Couples game, guests are asked to write down the other half of a named famous person.  I'm posting a copy here.
For the other game, "Love" Songs, I downloaded songs with the word "love" in the title.  Some examples include "Love Me Tender" by Elvis, "Love Story" by Taylor Swift, and "I Think I Love You" by The Partridge Family.  Not all songs are your typical love songs, though, I also have "You Give Love a Bad Name" (Bon Jovi, of course!), "Your Love is My Drug" (Ke$ha), and from my favorite movie of all time, "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" by the Righteous Brothers.  Game players must write down the title and artist of each song.  The person with the most correct, wins.  You can also play this game at a baby shower and use the word "baby" in the title.  

This post is obviously not at all teaching related, but this is what I've been up to today, and thought I'd share!  

I also want to thank everyone for participating in my linky party!  I tried to look at and comment on everyone's top ten lists.  If I missed yours, please don't be offended, it was an honest mistake!  Also, don't forget to enter my super-fabulous giveaway!


  1. I was recently at a bridal shower and one of the games was a word unscramble. There was a list of about 20 words involving weddings, brides, honey moon, etc. and you had to unscramble the words in 3 or 5 minutes I can't remember. The person who figured out the most won a prize!

  2. Haha, you SO are the norm. Most people hate bridal shower games! I've been in a LOT of weddings, and I am SO over them. I see their purpose, but, I love when I go to a shower and they do something different. The worst part is the gift opening! The bride doesn't want to open them, the guests don't want to sit there and watch! I think we mostly do it for our grandmothers, because they love it. :)

    I love your game - I think I played something similar at the one I was at last month. It was fun because it was different. We also did a mad libs. That certainly turned out HYSTERICAL.

    Good luck at the shower!

    The First Grade Splash